“Poppies Mutate into Bats. A 60-year Expanse of Paintings.”

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SABSAY Gallery is happy to announce the upcoming release of the new book of Ursula Reuter Christiansen’s paintings titled  
“Poppies  Mutate into  Bats. A 60-year Expanse of Paintings”. The hand-bound book contains more than 300 pages with images of Reuter Christiansen’s paintings, providing an insight into her artistic development over the past 60 years – from her active involvement in the feminist movement in the 1970s to her new large-scale action paintings created during the pandemic. 

In her art, Ursula Reuter Christiansen focuses on both deeply personal and strong political themes, often unfolded through the contrasts between beauty and horror, violence and vulnerability. Her work spans several mediums, but it is particularly painting, which she has continued returning to throughout the years.  The paintings combine themes of mythology, the women’s empowerment movement, and other political events and how these topics shape our everyday life.

To pre-order the book please write an email to info@sabsay.com

Store Strandstræde 19, 1255 Copenhagen K.
www.sabsay.com Tel: +4531419615 

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